Supplying temperature data logger GT002-T-DF for the control and
monitoring of temperature in distribution (storage / transportation) for COVID-19 vaccine

After the approval of the COVID-19 vaccine in Japan, a system for rapid and smooth vaccination is being developed so that the public will receive the vaccine without delays. In the domestic distribution (storage and transport) of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda) / Moderna, Inc. (Moderna)’s COVID-19 vaccine, "TempView" GT002-T-DF from Shinyei technology co., ltd. has been designated as the temperature data logger for the SC-DF25WL deep freezer (cold storage) manufactured by Twinbird Industries, Inc.

『TempView』GT002-T-DF 『TempView』GT002-T-DF

In the domestic distribution of Takeda/Modena's COVID-19 vaccine, in order to maintain the quality, it is crucial to maintain an environment of -20°C ±5°C from the domestic warehouse through the wholesaler until the vaccine reaches the site of vaccination at medical institutions, etc. Strict temperature measurement is required to ensure proper temperature control in the internal environment of the freezer/cooler used for storage in the warehouse and during transportation.

As a cooler for storage and transportation of choice used by wholesalers in domestic logistics, it was decided to use Twinbird's Deep Freezer SC-DF25WL, which uses a FPSC (Stirling freezer) for cooling and also to use Shinyei technology's TempView GT002-T-DF to measure and control the temperature inside the unit. The main points that led to the GT002-T-DF in becoming the designated logger for vaccine storage temperature measurement and control are as follows.

  • TempView GT002-T-DF is fully temperature calibrated and a calibration certificate is issued for each unit to ensure high reliability as a measuring instrument.
  • General loggers require the connection of the logger or the logger's reader to a PC to retrieve the recorded temperature data. However, the G-TAG series of data loggers developed for logistics by Shinyei technology can be used by a smartphone and tablet that are wirelessly connected to the loggers via Bluetooth. The logger also can easily handle everything from acquiring temperature data (CSV format) to creating analysis reports (PDF format), which realizes the ease of operation for the measurement and management of temperature.

We are enhancing the production (manufacturing and calibration) system of the temperature data logger "TempView" GT002-T-DF in order to meet the demand for temperature control during storage in refrigerated and frozen warehouses and medical institutions.

We sincerely hope that we can contribute to the early establishment of a vaccine transportation system and help suppress the spread of COVID-19.

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